2018 Summer Statistical Workshops

Four quantitative methods workshops are offered this July, 2018. Dr. Kelley Kidwell, Associate Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Michigan, will offer a 2-day course on Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trials (SMARTs) and Dynamic Treatment Regimens on July 9-10. Dr. Aidan Wright, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, will offer a 2.5-day course on longitudinal data analysis using multilevel modeling (also known as hierarchical linear modeling, mixed effects modeling, etc.) from July 11-13, and a 3-day introductory course on structural equation modeling on July 23-25. For more information about each course, and to register, please follow the links below. Dr. Matthew Diemer, Associate Professor in the Combined Program in Education and Psychology & Educational Studies programs at the University of Michigan will offer a two-day course on applied psychometrics (instrument development and validation) from July 26-27.

Attendees interested in attending both Dr. Wright’s SEM workshop and Dr. Diemer’s workshop will receive a 20% discount on both registrations. 

You may also contact any of us for more information: kelleymkidwell@gmail.com; wright.aidan@gmail.com; mattadiemer@gmail.com 


Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling